Learn Basic Ballet Positions 발동작을 배워보자

You wanted to learn ballet, but you could not ?

<Let’s learn ballet foot positions> is a basic ballet kit consisting of mats and manuals, designed to allow you to practically practice the five basic foot positions of ballet and the basic exercises practiced at the barre. In addition to a description of the basic movement of ballet, the basic historical backgrounds of the ballet are described in the manual, which helps first-time ballet players to understand the ballet. There are three different versions of the mats that show movement as a visual medium: a version that allows you to learn the five basic foot positions of the ballet, a version that allows you to practice Tendu and Rond de jambe, and a version that allows you to practice the eight body directions of the ballet. If you follow the visual signs, anyone can easily learn to master the lower body action. It becomes good helpers in ballet practice that is especially important to perform correct posture repeatedly. Now, let us all become ballerinas and ballerinos!


누구든지 쉽게 배울 수 있는 발레.

슈 발레 아카데미의 ‘발동작을 배워보자’는 발레의 역사적인 배경과 기초 동작의 이론적 설명을 담고 있는 메뉴얼과 동작을 올바르게 수행할 수 있도록 도와주는 제품으로 구성된 베이직 발레 키트이다.

키트 속의 메뉴얼을 보고 따라하며 누구나 발레의 기초 동작을 배울 수 있도록 고안 되었으며, 특히 발레를 처음 배우고자하는 이들을 대상으로 발동작의 올바른 이해를 도모하기 위해 제작되었다.